Helllooooo all you lovely blog readers! I hope your afternoon is going well! I’m back for part two of my Madrid/Lisbon trip and to give you illiterate plebeians the photos that you crave! So we left Madrid on Saturday afternoon and arrived in Lisbon in about an hour by plane, which was really nice (easyjet was a surprisingly nice airline for the price). There’s a … Continue reading Lisbon.

Being thankful.

I’ve always walked through life with this skewed idea that I’m untouchable. I’ve been hurt before, yes, by many people and in many different ways. I’ve never thought of myself as immune to emotional heartache or physical pain. But in certain ways, I viewed myself outside the scope of normal human-human interaction in such a way that traditionally “bad” things couldn’t happen to me. When … Continue reading Being thankful.

New country, New continent: Morocco

Hey ya’ll! Another long one here, but don’t worry, lots of pictures! This past weekend my study abroad group went to Morocco. Let’s be real. How pretentious does it sound to say “Oh yeah, I’m going to Morocco for the weekend.” Casual. I really had no expectations for this trip. Other than the fact that it’s in Africa and is largely Muslim, I seriously didn’t … Continue reading New country, New continent: Morocco

the first three weeks

So I’m pretty late to the whole “study abroad blog” thing. I can’t believe that three weeks (it’ll be four this Wednesday!) have already flown by. Things are going too quickly. For those of you that don’t know, I’m currently studying in Sevilla, Spain. Sevilla is the capital of the southern province Andalucia. I really don’t have any way to accurately summarize what’s gone on … Continue reading the first three weeks