EPIK Orientation Fall 2016

After making it through the easiest Customs process of her life, Carly stepped through the sliding glass doors into Gimhae International Airport, bangs sticking to her forehead, glasses sliding down her nose, with the biggest smile she had had in over 30 hours. She was finally in South Korea, land of kimchi and high-speed internet! … Continue reading EPIK Orientation Fall 2016


EPIK timeline – Fall 2016 (first person)

Hello all! Popping in for a quick first person post so I can be informative to all you potential EPIK-ers out there! Or for those who are just curious about the EPIK application process! It's a doozey. Here is a timeline of all the major application milestones so far (all dates are 2016, duh!): Jan … Continue reading EPIK timeline – Fall 2016 (first person)