Little moments of conformity

“Teacher!” Startled, Carly stopped mid-step and ripped out her headphones before almost running into one of her favorite students, standing in front of her and looking up with her precious 14-year-old face. Carly realized she must’ve walked at least two minutes behind Sooyeon* without realizing it was her. Feeling guilty, Carly patted Sooyeon on the head, turned her around, and marched with her the rest … Continue reading Little moments of conformity

Get it together, PEK

The flight itself was doable. It started with an awkward exchange with her Chinese-speaking seatmates as she climbed over them, already settled with pillows and blankets, to get to her window seat. She usually reads before going to bed, so, hoping her brain was conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs, she opened a book with the possibility it may have lulled her to sleep. After reading through 40%, … Continue reading Get it together, PEK

Good-bye, farewell, or whatever you call it

The packing was the hardest part, and that’s what started to scare her. She made the packing list weeks ago — a color-coded excel spreadsheet listing every single item she could possibly need in her move abroad. Separated by category, and with columns to certify bought and packed statuses, her list was, to say the least, comprehensive. The five days leading up to departure were … Continue reading Good-bye, farewell, or whatever you call it

와! 오랜만이야…

It’s not that she wanted to quite writing in the blog, but more that she didn’t think anyone would be interested in what she had to say. After the study abroad trip ended, what was so special about her everyday life that warranted a blog post? Apart from the (maybe) one international trip a year, the occasional weekends away in Virginian cities (Norfolk is SO interesting!), and the … Continue reading 와! 오랜만이야…