My name’s Carly. I’m a recent Public Health & Hispanic Studies graduate from Virginia. I like comedy, movies, books, languages, and delicious foods.


Why is your blog in third-person?

I find that blogs can get annoyingly repetitive and wanted to do something to differentiate my blog from others as well as make it interesting for those reading. I also love to write and was afraid that I’d lose this skill after graduating college, so this is an attempt to stay sharp.

Do you ever write first-person posts?

From time to time! Sometimes it’s easier to write in first person to make reference-style posts. These (from 07 July 2016 onward) are marked with the tag “first person”.

What’s with all the “study abroad” posts? And posts from, like, two years ago?

This is a blog that I originally started whilst studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain. At that time I wrote in good old fashioned first-person journal-style posts. I decided not to delete theses because I think some are interesting and it’s fun to look back on how I’ve changed.




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