EPIK timeline – Fall 2016 (first person)

Hello all! Popping in for a quick first person post so I can be informative to all you potential EPIK-ers out there! Or for those who are just curious about the EPIK application process! It’s a doozey.

Here is a timeline of all the major application milestones so far (all dates are 2016, duh!):

Jan 4: applied for CRC

Jan 5: asked for letters of recommendation via e-mail

Jan 7: started online TEFL course (this is the course I took)

Jan 30: finished online TEFL course

Jan 31: submitted application via e-mail (I had a timed e-mail ready to go out at 10am January 31st EST/12am February 1st KST)

Feb 8: EPIK says they are missing a letter of recommendation; frantically e-mail other professor asking what went wrong

epik missing LOR

Feb 9: Professor sends out letter (I’ve had multiple panic attacks during this 24-hour period)

Feb 10: receive EPIK email telling me to chill out until March

epik chill out

Mar 29: receive interview invitation! Interview set for April 5.

EPIK interview

April 4(5) 9pm my time, 10am theirs: my interview!

April 7: receive interview pass confirmation (e-mail snippets below)

“You have successfully passed the interview and we would like to recommend you to our Offices of Education as soon as you submitall the necessary documents. Remember, it is on a first-come first-served basis!

The final hiring decision is made by the Office of Education. If you are successfully placed, a contract and notice of appointment will be sent via FedEx to your mailing address.  Please keep in mind that we will only begin sending out contracts and notices of appointment starting sometime in mid to late-June at the earliest.”

April 12: request letter of expected graduation and transcripts from university (in my senior year of College at this time)

April 13: CRC arrives at my family home; pick up letter of expected graduation and transcripts from office of the registrar

April 18: NoVA transcripts arrive at my family home (from summer classes that went toward my degree)

April 19: Dad walks CRC into DC for apostille

April 25: Dad picks up CRC

April 26: Mom overnights CRC and NoVA transcripts to me at school

April 27: CRC arrives to me at school; post documents to Korea via FedEX; said to arrive Tuesday, May 5

May 2: documents arrive at EPIK office

May 15: Graduation!

May 16: get copies of diploma notarized, send them to office in Richmond for apostilles; order updated transcripts from university

May 23: apostilled diplomas arrive

May 24: updated transcripts arrive

May 29: coordinator says documents have been received and processed (mass e-mail); he says wait until mid to late June for placement [note here that my final documents were still yet to be sent]

epik docs received

May 30: send final documents (diploma and transcripts) to EPIK via FedEx

June 14: receive successful placement for Daejeon! (I requested Seoul) Told to wait until mid-July for more information regarding visas and contracts.

epik congrats

July 18th: contract and NOA arrive! My mom and I head into DC to apply for my visa. Receive information for online pre-orientation course.


July 21st: I book my ticket online via Expedia (you shouldn’t book your ticket until you’ve received your visa, but Expedia gives a 24-hour cancellation period — the flight was such a good deal that I knew I had to book it right away!)


July 22nd: my Mom and I pick up my visa in DC [note: the consulate assured me that E2 visa holders are required to have a single-entry visa upon first entering Korea. Once one receives the ARC (alien registration card) after settling in, the visa status can be updated to multiple entries.)

July 30th: Begin online pre-orientation

August 6th(ish): Finish online pre-orientation

August 16th: Leave for Korea!

August 18th: Arrive in Busan!

August 18th-26th: Orientation at Busan University of International Studies

August 26th: Arrive in Daejeon

August 29th: First day of teaching 🙂



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