Brussels (pt. II)

Helllooooooo internet world. I hope you're having a lovely week and a great Wednesday so far. I'm a bit bummed today -- it's snowing here in the DC area, meaning that the public schools are delayed, meaning that it was for some reason a lot harder to find a substitute teaching job this morning, so I've … Continue reading Brussels (pt. II)



Holaaaaaa a todos! I hope your weekend has been lovely and your Monday isn't too depressing. Luckily I'm not back at school yet, so I can laugh at all of you "adults" who have to work for a living! Ha! Ha ha! Ha! Thought I'd tell you another traveling story today, this time about my trip to … Continue reading Barcelona.


Helllooooo all you lovely blog readers! I hope your afternoon is going well! I'm back for part two of my Madrid/Lisbon trip and to give you illiterate plebeians the photos that you crave! So we left Madrid on Saturday afternoon and arrived in Lisbon in about an hour by plane, which was really nice (easyjet … Continue reading Lisbon.