Granada means pomegranate.

Hola a todos!

Welcome back to the blog — thanks for stopping by! I do appreciate it 🙂

Today I’ve got a fun post for you about my weekend in Granada. It’s been a couple of week since I’ve returned home, so sorry for the delay, but come on guys, I can’t revolve my life around ya’ll!

But since I know how pick you all are, I’ve made sure to pack this one full of some *pretty pretty* pictures just in case these “words” are too hard for you to read.

383-2 385-2 384-2

Friday morning started out with a *ahem* wonderful 8am bus ride to Granada. From Sevilla it’s only about 2.5 hours — but I was cranky about getting up early nonetheless.

We arrived in Granada and (barely) managed to find our way out of the bus station and into the center of town, where we hailed a cab and got to La Alhambra.


Ooooooooh buddy did I not know what I was in for.

514-2 508-2

I’ve briefly learned about La Alhambra in my “Historia de Sevilla” class, where my professor compared it to the Alcazar in Sevilla. The Alcazar isn’t too interesting to me (sorry all you history buffs out there), so I actually wasn’t looking forward to La Alhambra that much. What’s more, several people had told me that La Alhambra wasn’t that incredible — that it was just “another palace”.



BOY, were they wrong.

400-2 399-2

The Alcazar ain’t got SHIT on La Alhambra.

392-2 390-2 389-2

I remember from my history class that one of the kings of Spain (Alfonso XI or something?) had seen La Alhambra and requested to have his own built within Sevilla. Well, if that’s true, I sincerely feel bad for the builders that had to take the beating from the King when he found out how badly the Alcazar compared to La Alhambra.

367-2 357-2 356-2

I mean, seriously guys, it was like nothing I’ve ever seen.

324-2 316-2

First of all, Granada has mountains, which I’m not really used to in Sevilla where it’s almost as flat as east Texas. But the mountains are so incredibly beautiful, and La Alhambra is snuggled within them!


349-2 351-2 346-2 353-2


The Arabic architecture is so prevalent everywhere you look.

307-2 283-2 274-2 298-2

And it’s so big! I mean, you could HOURS exploring this place! (Emily and I spent about 3.5 hours there). There are countless rooms to see, gardens to stroll through, fountains to sit around, lookouts to indulge in, and kittens to play with. KITTENS, GUYS! This is the real deal!

-2 338-2  336-2 334-2  331-2 329-2 328-2

Another kitten montage, because I can’t help it:

253-2 252-2 249-2 243-2 242-2

And there was a wedding. Here’s a creepy picture I snapped:


I often get bored by historical things. I’m not a huge proponent of visiting a historical sight just because it’s something you’re “supposed to do”. But I promise you La Alhambra isn’t just for tourists. If you’re ever in Granada, you must go! YOU MUST. YOU MUST!!

312-2 310-2

We then headed to our hostel for a (3 hour) nap.

I was actually really surprised with the quality of our hostel. It was relatively close to the center, with a clean private room for us, and bathrooms with toilet paper (a rare commodity in Spain). The guy at the front desk was super helpful about fun spots around the city and, to top it all off, one night was only 10 euros. Hot diggggggity dang! I’m a rich woman.

In Granada, whenever you order a drink, you get a free tapa, which is GREAT. Although the tapas are significantly smaller than normal tapas. Which is not GREAT.

So Emily and I went out for drinks and “tapas” — and then finished off our night with pizza and two rounds of gelato.

That’s right people. Two rounds of gelato. In one night. We’re not ashamed. So get off your high horses! If you were in Spain, you’d be doing it too.

The next day was fun, albeit super busy. What’s more, we had to carry our backpacks around with us all day, as we were to catch the bus back that night, so our shoulders were having massive pains.

We started off by hitting up this vegan restaurant for brunch. What a gem that place was! Super trendy, with really nice staff and ACTUAL food. It’s hard to eat a real breakfast here sometimes, as Spaniards mostly just have coffee and toast. I felt like a King.

430-2 428-2 440-2

We continued by walking around the center of town, and then going to the Capilla real , where Isabel and Fernando II are buried. It was really beautiful inside, but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to use my camera, so you’ll just have to use your *imagination*. There was one wall in the chapel with such an extensive mural that Emily and I stared, analyzing it, for about 20 minutes. We’re nerds like that.
458-2 455-2 447-2

We then explored all the shops in the center of the city. They were really amazing and had some really cool stuff for really good prices. It actually reminded me of Morocco a lot — which isn’t surprising at all, as Granada has a lot of Moorish influences.


488-2 487-2 486-2 469-2 474-2 479-2

We saw some bubble-blower guys, which made me really happy:

502-2 501-2 494-2

And a place called Schawarma King, which made me equally happy.


And some amazing street art which, you guessed it, made me really happy.

406 407-2 417-2418-2

And we saw the Universidad de Granada, which was founded in 1526 — wowww!

423-2 021-2

(of course I had to take a picture of the Health Sciences building)

Annnnnd we saw the church where Emily’s host mom was married! Ah!

504-2 506-2

Finally, we lugged ourselves to the bus station. We were both messes — tired, smelly, with hurt shoulders and empty bellies. We hadn’t eaten in around 7 hours, so things weren’t lookin good.




But we made it to the bus on time (after stopping for an asparagus and mayonnaise sandwich — it’s not as strange as you’re thinking, trust me) and snapping at each other a few times.

And this trip was incredible, even though it was only two days. I mean, the entire city of Granada is so beautiful — even the bus ride there and back was fun, just looking out at the countryside. It’s so incredible how different the landscape of Spain (and Europe in general) is from the U.S.

532-2 534-2

It was also nice to travel with just one other person. Sometimes I get a little anxious traveling in large groups, having to make plans with everyone or agree with everyone on where we’re gonna go, what we’re gonna do.

But one person is jussssssst right.


Until next time, folks! Have a lovely day! (Hi, mom).




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