Dear Belgium,

Dear Mons,



You have really fun EDM concerts. My legs were sore for days. So thanks for that.

Dear Mons hotel lady,

I know it’s strange speaking Italian to us so we can sort of understand you and reply in Spanish, but you definitely ripped me off.

Dear other Mons hotel lady,

I get that you only speak French, but you’re sassy and I don’t like your attitude. There was no cancellation policy on your website, so the error was yours. Also, the fact that you shut our power and wifi off ten minutes before check-out was not very cool.

Dear Mons train station lady,


You were my savior. Thank you for speaking English and thank you for being kind when I looked like I was about to cry. I work in customer service for a company with corporate policies, so I get there wasn’t anything you could do about our tickets, but thanks for being nice about it and helping us buy other tickets.

Dear Mons trains station,

2014-10-13 12.19.4210624573_897131510312181_2449029816877929633_n

Thank you for having croissants. But why do I have to pay to use the bathroom?

Dear Brussels train station…

Thank you for being fairly easy to navigate and being close to the bus station.

Dear Brussels bus system,


You are unnecessarily expensive. And your advertisements are questionable.

Dear Brussels AirBnB guy,

Thanks for being awesome and giving us sushi keychains. They make up for the fact that there were strange posters in your room.

Dear Brussels Dooner place…


Thank you for having delicious falafel, and thank you to the man who gave me my food for half price. You made my really crappy day into a very good night.

Dear Kriek…

2014-10-13 12.15.42  You are very cherry and very sweet. I don’t think you are actually alcohol.

Dear Belgian waffles,

2014-10-13 12.06.13 2014-10-13 12.05.47 2014-10-13 12.05.01 2014-10-13 12.03.10 2014-10-13 12.04.01

You are everything you’re cracked up to be. You did not disappoint.

Dear Belgian forks,

2014-10-13 12.04.19

You are not real forks.

Dear Brussels flea market,

2014-10-13 11.41.14 2014-10-12 21.51.10

2014-10-13 12.12.53 2014-10-13 12.12.16 2014-10-13 12.11.39 2014-10-13 12.10.47 2014-10-13 12.10.17 2014-10-13 12.09.13 2014-10-13 11.56.18

You are very cute with lots of stalls and street performers. I enjoyed walking through you, even though it was cold.

Dear Belgian chocolate,

2014-10-13 12.02.16

2014-10-13 12.01.19

2014-10-13 12.02.41

2014-10-13 12.00.28

You are amazing.

Dear Belgian beer,2014-10-13 11.43.13 

2014-10-13 11.41.52 2014-10-13 11.42.36

You taste very nice and make me feel like an adult for drinking you instead of PBR. (Honey beer was my favorite).

Dear Manneken Pis,

2014-10-13 11.53.502014-10-13 11.54.37

2014-10-13 11.49.31

2014-10-13 11.50.09 2014-10-13 11.53.02 2014-10-13 11.52.26

You are actually ridiculous and I don’t understand why you’re such a spectacle. There were so many people standing around to see you.

2014-10-13 11.51.44 2014-10-13 11.51.10

Also, why was there a grown man changing you into a doll’s equestrian outfit?

Dear Statue,


I very much enjoyed climbing you.

Dear Frites,

2014-10-12 21.22.37 2014-10-12 21.23.20

You are the most delicious thing I ever did eat. I wasn’t into mayonnaise with french fries before. Now I am. Thank you for such a wonderful gift.

Dear Brussels,

2014-10-12 21.24.10 2014-10-12 21.25.43 2014-10-12 21.39.41

You’re pretty beautiful and that made all the stress of this trip worth it.

2014-10-12 21.38.27 2014-10-13 11.57.11 2014-10-13 11.59.38 2014-10-13 11.58.08 2014-10-13 12.07.03 2014-10-13 12.08.30 2014-10-13 12.07.30 2014-10-13 12.08.03

Dear Belgium,

I’ll be seeing you soon.


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