a cinderella story…

Today I bring you a story. A story about strength. Courage. Tenacity. And most of all….spirit.

He started as a janitor. A custodian, if you will. A man with nothing but the dreams in his head, the crocs on his feet, and the vomit in the women’s bathroom. But he was a fighter. And the dreams in his head would come true. The crocs in his feet would walk on. And the vomit in the women’s bathroom would be covered with saw dust!

He put in the effort. Day by dreadful day he mopped the floors, he waxed the fountain, and he polished the gates that held him in like a prisoner! Each day he wanted to give up, but each day he grew stronger from his pain. He would not succumb to the monotony! He would prevail!

At last, one day, the boy, no, the MAN, did indeed just that. The grueling hours, the sweaty locker rooms, the vomit – filled bathrooms. All worth it. This man was a janitor no more. This man. This man was an Equestrian.


More about my actual Belgium trip in a couple of days. But for now, enjoy the rebellion.




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