an apprehensive beginning…

There’s something incredibly narcissistic about having a blog.

You see, a blog is like a journal. A home for your thoughts, a place to manifest your opinions and vocalize your beliefs. A platform to personify every feeling that nags at you throughout the day and keeps you up at night. A place to vent your deepest, darkest desires, to express your every ecstasy.

Except, the main difference between a blog and a journal is that the journal is private. So I guess we could call a blog a journal for people who feel the need to make sure everyone knows how amazing their inner monologues are. A blog is a journal, plus a hearty helping of egoism and a side of distorted self-confidence. Maybe a dash of arrogance. The recipe is versatile.

I, like most bloggers (I’m really disappointed that I’m already referring to myself as a blogger), am more interested in putting my own misguided, probably under-informed, thoughts out to the rest of the world than I am in reading about those of others. Again, it’s the whole self-absorbtion thing that comes with having a blog. Or worse. A website.

I’ve started a handful of blogs over the past 6 or 7 years and have deleted each one after only a couple of months. I’m not very good at updating and I much prefer to write for myself.

But, I love reading blogs and about other people’s experiences and ways of life, and lately, after reading a lot of travel blogs, I’ve been inspired to start my own. Hopefully for good.

What can you expect from me? Photos, videos, words. Opinions, quotes, stories. Recommendations, experiences, memories.

I guess I’ll see ya’ll soon!



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